Best Stop Barking Device to Solve Problematic Excessive Barking


Stop Barking Device: Excessive Barking

Many dog owners have troubles with their dog barking too much or frantically when they are triggered by a sight, smell or sound (doorbell ringing). Why is this a problem? Because when a dog is set into such a frantic state, the animal can become unpredictable. A common stop barking device that’s suggested are bark collars.

Pet owners often use bark collars as a first line of training when dealing with a barking dog to no avail. Collars that simply react to a dogs barking do not always have the intended effect of the device: training the dog to stop barking in the first place. Not to mention, bark collars can be inaccurate and not dependable, as they will sometimes deliver stimulation when the dog is not barking as they sense throat vibrations, not the actual bark. These are the reasons we usually suggest, dog training collars as a more viable training solution.

Below are 3 reasons why barking can become a problem, and how our dog training collars can better assist with barking.

  1. Barking can be sign of aggression: Has your pet ever barked uncontrollably at a person or another dog? It can be frightening at times, for some owners, because barking can sometimes be a sign of excitement, but it can also be a sign of aggression. The difference between excitement and aggression can be hard to distinguish to an inexperienced owner. A dog barking uncontrollably can also cause a panic response in adults, children and other pets. Having the ability to control your pets uncontrollable barking allows an otherwise escalating situation to cease to exist.
  1. It is not easy to silence a dog with vocal commands: Has your dog ever been agitated, excited or begin to sporadically bark from a certain event? If so, your first reaction was probably to raise your voice, call the dog’s name or repeatedly call vocal commands to calm your pet. Does it work? Most of the time, not so much. With a dog training collar at your disposal, you will be able to combine vocal commands with static shock stimulation to immediately nip the problem in the bud. Even when you are not present, your dog will become trained to not become untameable in certain situations. If using just a bark collar, you wouldn’t be able to combine both vocal and static shock.
  1. Excessive barking can be loud and cause distractions: Uncontrollable barking can be loud and distracting. For example, having a quiet dinner with loved ones can be easily ruined by a loud and agitated dog. With an e-collar, the problem can be solved as soon as your pet starts barking, allowing you and your family to continue to enjoy your dinner peacefully.

Why Dog Training Collars are a Versatile Training Option

Many pet owners often become concerned with the idea of administering a static shock to their dog via an e-collar. With our line of training collars, pet owners can rest easy knowing that they have a range of different options when finding the best option for their companion. Our electric collars come with 4 different types of remote activation technology:

  1. A beep tone that will sound from the dog’s collar/receiver
  2. A vibration that will rumble the dog’s collar/receiver
  3. A static shock that will be sent to the dog through the collar/receiver
  4. Our e-collar even have a “light up” function to help find your dog in the dark

As you can see, our line of products offer a wide range of options to go about training your dog. The best part? The vibration and static function allow you to administer a static shock ranging from 1 to 100, which allows you to even further narrow down the most suitable training for your dog!

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