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Questions we get a lot are, which collar should I purchase or what are the differences between these two dog training collars? Well, in this blog series, we hope to answer those questions and provide some insight on which features of a shock collar best suit your lifestyle, dog, environment. We'll be using our products as examples but feel free to use the same thought process for another manufacturer to hopefully narrow your search and the find the most suitable device for your needs. At the end of this article, I'll provide recommendations based on what we cover and for different training needs depending on the type of owner. We understand that purchasing a product with so many options can seem daunting and creates a little pressure on the buyer to ensure they're getting the perfect system, because no one likes returns. Hopefully, this blog helps! 

In this first article, we'll cover only our rechargeable dog training systems. This means, both the remote transmitter (handheld device) and the collar receiver have rechargeable batteries. If you're someone who doesn't like batteries and is looking for a remote dog training collar, not a bark collar, then this quick buyer's guide is for you. 


The most common feature to make a decision about for e-collars is the device being waterproof, water resistant, or having no resistance to water. First off, think of your dog, does he/she enjoy swimming? If so, you're going to need a collar that is waterproof and can be fully submerged without issues. Now, there might be some of you that train in conditions around water, such as a wetland or a similar wet environment, where it's possible the remote transmitter from your hand could get wet. We're not talking about a little rain, as most remote transmitters would be to handle rain but an area that has consistent rain, or training near a water source. If you're one of those people, consider looking for a unit that includes a waterproof remote transmitter as well. 

If you're a dog owner, whose dog doesn't enjoy swimming, don't fret, there are lots of options for you and your dog. We generally suggest to purchase a water resistant collar, as you'll never know when your dog might splash in a small puddle or a light drizzle begins overhead. If you're living in a very dry conditions, where there is little to no rain, then an e-collar that provides no resistance might better suit your training needs.

Remember, the costs are usually higher the more waterproof your dog training collar system ends up being. 


You've now made your decision on which direction you plan on going in terms of how waterproof your dog training system is going to be, it's now time to decide range. A general rule is the higher the range, the more expensive the system. If you're strictly training a household pet that might take occasional walks in the park, look at a short range system. If you're a hunter with a gun dog, long range is absolutely key and don't be afraid to splurge on the extra range. Keep in mind, the advertised range isn't the actual range you'll receive, unless in perfect conditions, as hilly terrain, and other radio devices can shorten the range. 

Levels of Stimulation 

This is difficult to judge as each collar has different amounts of stimulation they can provide, some offer 0-100, while others 1-8 for example. Generally, a collar with a lot of levels means that the difference intensity per level is more accurate and lessens the chance of over correcting your dog. Although, our PET618 features 1-8 levels but  the 1 level is extremely low compared to the number 8. Whereas with our PET998DB, there's most likely not a noticeable difference in intensity between level 5 and 10.


Here's one of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing an e-collar. First off, think about your issues with your dog(s) that you're attempting to solve with an e-collar. For example, do you have two dogs that decide to not listen on walks and tend to take off? If so, you need a system that has allows you to make the fastest corrections possible. An intuitive system that feels like an extension of your arm, not one where you have to rotate between channel frequencies, in our units that's a 1/2 button. If you're training your dogs separately for different issues than fast corrections aren't a priority and one extra button won't negatively affect your training. It's recommending to attempt to focus on one dog at a time to ensure they're getting the necessary attention, instead of splitting your time attempting to train two dogs simultaneously. If you only have one dog, then the above doesn't really apply, so instead look at materials, button placement and size of the remote transmitter.

Bonus Features

These are always nice to look out for and depend on personally preference, some people enjoy back lit remote transmitter as they tend to train in the dark more frequently. We offer two versions of one of our units, one with black buttons and one with blue silicone, which is softer on the touch and is can be seen easily in low conditions. Extra little features are always a bonus but weigh the other factors heavily when deciding in comparison to bonus features. 


Waterproof Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter, Long Range, Small Amount of Intensity Levels, and Selector Dial: IPets PET618

Waterproof Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter, Long Range, Large Amount of Intensity Levels, and Fast Corrections: IPets PET617

Waterproof Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter, Short Range, Large Amount of Intensity Levels and 1/2 Button: Petrainer PET916, Petrainer PET916-2

Waterproof Collar Receiver, Short Range, Large Amount of Intensity Levels and 1/2 Button: Petrainer PET998DB1, Petrainer PET998DB2, Petrainer PET998DBB1, Petrainer PET998DBB2

Water Resistant Collar Receiver, Short Range, Large Amount of Intensity Levels and 1/2 Button: Petrainer PET998DR1, Petrainer PET998DR2, Petrainer PET998DRB1, Petrainer PET998DRB2

Waterproof Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter, Long Range, Short Amount of Intensity Levels and 1/2 Button: Petrainer PET910


Hope you pull some useful information from this blog. Next time we'll cover our non-rechargeable units! 

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