IPets Releases New Dog Training Collars, PET617 and PET618


IPets is proud to announce its new product line release, the PET617 and PET618 dog training collars. The design of these devices is with the professional dog trainer in mind but the pricing fits within an everyday consumer’s budget. With the introduction of these dog-training systems into our product line, IPets has expanded our reach in the market. Inclusion of these e-collars will allow customers to purchase a professional grade shock collar at a fantastically low price. Now let us get more in depth on what each system has to offer. The PET617 and PET618 use similar mechanical and electronic systems on the inside but the user interface is vastly different between both products.

The PET617 is equipped with a LCD display that features a blue backlight, enabling nighttime usage. Switch intensity effortlessly with the adjustable intensity dial located at the top of the transmitter. Users have the choice to swap between continuous and momentary stimulation, depending on their training needs. The system boasts 100 intensity levels of vibration and same level of stimulation for the static shock function. Feel free to add another collar to the device, as the training device can operate two collars simultaneously.

For the PET618, a rotary dial to adjust the intensity of the stimulation replaces the LCD display. While the dial that adjusts the intensity on the PET617, replacing with a dog selector on the PET618. Instead of controlling two dogs on the PET617, you’re able to control up to three collars on the PET618. Another feature that differentiates the 618 from the 617 is the tone function that isn’t available on the 617, with the tone feature trainers can work on different training techniques.

Although the devices have some differences, there are common and standard features that both systems share. Both shock collars are waterproof and rechargeable, including the transmitter as well. Range for the training collars is approximately 650 yards. IPets is always striving to provide affordable, reliable and well-designed products to our customers and we believe we've accomplished that feat yet again with our two new training aids. 

If you'd like to purchase or view more specifications on the 617, click on shock collar. And if you'd like to purchase or view more features on the 618, click on e-collar.

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