IPets Releases New Product Line of Vibration Collars



We've got exciting news, our new release of vibrating collars. Over the past years, we've realized a void in our product catalog and customers have brought up the need for vibration collars. There's a few reasons we decided to develop this new line of products. One, there's a certain negative stigma around dog training collars with a shock function, even though they're proven to not hurt the dog but deliver minor discomfort. IPets as a company understood that viewpoint, that people might not be keen on our products due to shock stimulation. The second reason for producing a vibration collar is to accommodate lightweight dogs which are too small for electric collars or dogs' that are sensitive to static shock stimulation. As we know, every dog reacts to stimulation differently and sometimes, as our loyal customers have said, vibration is the right amount of correction for their dog.   we're glad to announce they're now available at our standard of providing reliable products at affordable prices.

In saying that, we're glad to announce our vibration collars are now available and will meet the IPets' standard of reliability and affordability 

Click Vibration Collars to view our venture into our newest product line. 



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