Petrainer releases new Dog Training Collar, PET998DBB



IPets is pleased to announce the release of the newest addition to our e-collar product catalog under the Petrainer brand, the PET998DBB. The PET998DBB is a continuation of our previous product, the PET998DB. We've taken some feedback from our customers about our previous version and hopefully addressed some design features in this latest version. 

What we've done is address the lack of readability of our old model, which was a completely black remote, even the lettering on the function buttons. We decided to stencil the remote transmitter buttons white and place them against a blue silicone background. This allows the buttons to "pop" and avoid low light situations where it's hard to distinguish the buttons. The silicone is firm, feels nice to the touch and provides a better user experience than our previous model. 

The previous model was one of Petrainer's most successful models and we hope to have the same repeat success with this training system but picking up where we left off. We've felt these changes dramatically improve the system, while keeping it an affordable e-collar.

Click dog training collar to learn about this training system or be one of the first to purchase our latest device.

IPets and Petrainer are always striving to provide the best customer service possible and we're always looking for customer feedback on how to improve our products. Don't hesitate to contact us, if you aren't fully satisfied with your Petrainer or IPets shock collars


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